Buyer's Advocacy

Buy the right property, in the right location,
at the right price, without the effort
Buy the right property, in the right location, at the right price, without the effort

What is a Buyer's Advocate?

A Buyer’s Advocate, or Buyer’s Agent, is a licensed professional who helps you in the process of buying a property, whether it’s your first home, a new home or an investment property. They represent you, the buyer, to ensure you don’t lose out due to lack of knowledge, experience, or time.
Peritum Property Buyer’s Advocates are here to help you through the entire process of buying a property from sourcing properties that meet your brief, to evaluating them, and even negotiating on your behalf. We’re trained to find you the right property type, in the right location, at the right price – and can even source properties that haven’t hit the market yet. 

We add a level of experience and knowledge into the process of buying a property that ensures you get the best outcome possible, without the hassle.

How Buyer’s Advocacy works
with Peritum Property

We partner with you during the entire buying process offering a full end-to-end search and advisory service.


We hold an initial consultation with you to determine your property aspirations and investment profile.


We do a complete market search, creating a recommended shortlist of properties. The process includes identifying ideal properties in areas you may not have considered (through our access to confidential market data), ensuring you select the right investment property for maximum returns or a home that best matches your lifestyle aspirations.

Evaluation and Liaison

Once we have a shortlist of properties, we complete a full analysis of any shortlisted properties including an assessment of recent property sales in the area to determine the true value of the property and ensure your time is not wasted on properties which may be out of your budget. We will also review any proposed council works nearby that may impact to restrict your future growth.

If you are planning to complete development works on the property, this phase will include liaison and enquiry with the local council to discuss any development opportunities you may be considering to determine if they are feasible.


During negotiations, we cover a range of services including:

- Complete negotiations with the selling agent on your behalf in order to secure the property for the best sale terms and price.
- Arrangement of any building and pest inspections to ensure that the property does not present any hidden costs for you in the near future.
- Selling agent liaison and auction attendance, including bidding on your behalf if required.
- Full negotiations with all parties to ensure you pay the lowest possible price.


We manage the entire settlement process for you.

Give yourself an edge when you
purchase your next property
Peritum Property is here to get you the best possible outcome, using our experience and market knowledge to save you time and money. We’ll even endeavour to secure your property before potential purchasers know the property is for sale.
Why choose peritum property
to be your buyer's agent?

There are multiple Buyer’s Advocacy services in Melbourne, so why choose Peritum Property? It’s a great question!

Fully Licenced

Brant and the team is fully licenced agents and Members of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), the industry governing body in Victoria. REIV Members are qualified, skilled through ongoing Professional Development, well informed and are required to act ethically, honestly and fairly.

No Win, No Fee Guarantee

​Studies suggest it takes over 10,000 hours to become an expert in any chosen field. Given most people will only purchase 1 to 2 properties in their lifetime, a Buyers Advocate has become the go-to solution for people looking for expert advice, education, and a competitive edge over other hungry buyers. We find our clients properties that achieve the greatest possible future growth, ensuring your retirement is the one you desire.​ Using a buyers advocate is a sound investment. It takes the risk out of one of the most significant decisions you will make over your lifetime. Whether you’re building your property portfolio or securing your first home, you don’t have to do it alone. Better yet, if we don’t win, we don’t charge a fee - that is our guarantee.

Gain Exclusive Access to Properties Before they Hit the Market

Access short term capital growth by limiting your buying competition with access to properties that are not advertised to the public or before they hit the market. We help you gain access to properties for which the owner prefers a fast sale over a maximum return, resulting in great buying opportunities for investors and homebuyers who are ready to take advantage of great value properties in a short time frame.

What our customers Say
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What if I’ve found the right property
and I just need help to secure it?
Peritum Property can step into the purchasing point at any point to offer you advice and support. We also offer a Negotiation Only Service, and an Auction Bidding Service.
Find a home in the ideal location with support from the team at Peritum Property

Negotiation Only Service

If you’ve found the perfect property but are worried you won’t be able to negotiate the best terms, we’re here to help. We can take over the process of liaising and negotiating with real estate agents and all other relevant parties through our Negotiation Only Service. The robust service includes a full property inspection, market appraisal and due diligence to ensure you purchase the property at the right price, auction attendance and bidding on your behalf if relevant, plus management of the full settlement process.

Employing the right tactics when negotiating a property can save you thousands of dollars, it can be the difference between either owning the property or having to continue your search.

Auction Bidding Service

If you’ve found the property of your dreams but want to give yourself the best chance of securing it for the right price (without letting your emotions get in the way), you need our auction bidding service.

With our ‘no win, no fee guarantee’ we can give you the edge with a member of our team right by your side on the day of sale or even attending the auction on your behalf. For a flat fee we can save you thousands on the buying price of your property or ensure you don’t end up paying more than you can ultimately afford.

Find a home in the ideal location with support from the team at Peritum Property
make buying your next property easier

Book a free consultation to see how the team at Peritum Property can help you buy and manage your property with ease. Don’t have time for a chat? Fill in our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch when it suits you.